Hoop game flawless…

So beautiful omg

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This has got to be next for me! #purplehair #naturalhair #naturalpurplehair #iloveit

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my type of girl


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A note from Tupac Shakur’s prom date. ‘96

“I had wrote a letter saying how much I loved his music to his fan club. At the end I made a joke saying that if he ever read this letter to please take me to my prom since my boyfriend had just broken up with me. About a month later there was a knock at my door and it was him! He was by himself. No reporters, no homies, just Tupac Shakur at my doorstep. He came in and talked to me and my mom and my brother for about fifteen minutes and asked me if I had gotten a dress yet. I said no and he said he would take care of it and gave me $1500 in all hundred dollar bills and told me to get something pretty. Prom day came and he called and said to be ready. A limo showed up with 2Pac in it and went straight to my prom. Everyone was going crazy taking pictures but we hung out there for about thirty minutes. We danced to about five songs then he said he had business to take care of kissed me on the cheek and left. I think the world lost a great person when 2Pac was killed and I will always remember his kindness.”

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Forgive me father for i have sinned i was fucking this girl doggy i put my finger in her butt and it felt mushy i pulled it out and there was like brownish greenish poop on my hand at this moment i didn't wanna stop cause i aint nut yet and she woulda been horrified so i just wiped my finger on the side of her white sheets 30 mins down the line i forget and start to eat her ass she says daddy deeper i put my tongue in deep had shit on my tonuge i almost threw up but i kept going :(






reasons to not eat ass


#Classic | #FrankSinatra | #SammyDavisJr

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remember when zack and cody entered a parallel universe

and london was smart


and maddie was dumb


and esteban was a woman


so basically they were their stereotypes

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Met the Mayor of Quahog/BATMAN— Adam West!!!

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